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※ [本文转录自 C_Chat 看板 #1TXN_0Of ] 作者: ccpz (OoOoOo) 看板: C_Chat 标题: [闲聊] 妇人公论8月新海诚访谈 (天气之子雷) 时间: Sat Sep 21 09:41:15 2019 刚刚看到英文翻译才注意到这篇8月底的报导 “I was born and raised in the city of Koumi in Nagano Prefecture, which is situated on a plateau encircled by mountains,” he explained, when asked why his works always seem to revolve around a nature theme. “In the 70s, it was even more idyllic than it is now; my house was surrounded with nature. I was engrossed in this environment. I’d stare up at the sky every day, lost in my own little world. I’d say that I was more of an absent-minded child rather than a romantic.” 一开始先问为什麽他的作品这麽注重自然, 他说因为从小就在乡下长大,每天无聊就看天空。 Back then, Shinkai had no definite career path in mind, although he did enjoy creating watercolor paintings since childhood. He did, however, object to his father deciding his path for him. Since the Meiji era, his family operated a construction business, but he didn’t want to take up the business just because he was the oldest son. “Unlike [Weathering With You’s] Hodaka, however, I didn’t have the guts to leave home. I fervently desired not to leave my beautiful hometown behind, so I extended my moratorium period, spinning my wheels.” 他父亲希望他接家族事业 (从明治时期就做建设),但他自己不喜欢因为是长男就要 继承家业。不过不像帆高,他没有勇气逃家。 Eventually, Shinkai moved to Tokyo for university, and after graduation, he was poised to study at a construction company in preparation for taking up the family business. At the last minute, however, he decided to join a game company instead, a choice which infuriated his father. Shinkai refused to relent, and through his work he discovered the joy of matching pictures with music. He decided to try his hand at creating his own story, which resulted in the short film She and Her Cat, winner of the 2000 DoGA CG Animation Contest. Emboldened by the film’s success, Shinkai quit his job and began creating animation in earnest. To this day, Shinkai still doesn’t know where he found the stubbornness to oppose his father. “I kind of think that if my father had told me since I was young to become a filmmaker, I wouldn’t have ended up where I am. Perhaps I was simply rebelling on instinct.” “But I am really grateful towards my parents,” Shinkai went on. “My mother likes to draw herself, and she told me, ‘You should do what you love.’ Those words saved me. Eventually, even my father gave me a chance. He told me to try out anime for five years and come back if it doesn’t work out.” 靠着考上东京的大学离开家 原本毕业後还是准备学建设回去接家族事业,但最後加入 falcom, 让他父亲不太开心。 不过他还是感谢父母,妈妈喜欢画自画像,并且鼓励她追逐自己想要的。 他爸还是跟他说五年内没做出成果,再回家接手家族事业。 而且如果小时候他爸叫他去当导演,搞不好会反骨不做这行。 Shinkai says that he wants Weathering With You to convey the importance of having the freedom to decide one’s way of life. “I want children and parents to watch it and be able to have a frank conversation about what they thought of it. The great thing about entertainment is that, through shared experience, it’s able to communicate to people across different generations and worldviews.” 他希望天气之子能让人理解自由选择人生的可贵 电影的一个优势是能让不同世代的人讨论什麽选择才是好的。 Shinkai claims that he didn’t feel much pressure to top your name.’s success, but that it did change the way he now views his work. Until your name., his films were mainly watched by anime fans, but the sheer size of his audience now has made him reappraise the role of entertainment in reflecting the society around it. 新海诚不觉得要做出超越你的名字的作品,会对他带来压力。 但是之前觉得只有动画迷会看,你的名字後让他重新思考如何在电影中反思社会。 The inspiration for Weathering With You came in the summer of 2016, when, exhausted from all the promotion he was doing for your name., Shinkai looked up at the sky and saw a cumulonimbus cloud. When the skies cleared, he felt healed, which gave him the idea that the weather and the human spirit are connected. 天气之子的剧情来自於 '16 跑完宣传行程,疲累的心灵看到天空积雨云散开後疗癒了。 因此有了天气和心灵互相连结的想法。 “People say that humans are destroying nature for the sake of their own conveniences, and I agree with that,” he said. “And yet I’m the kind of person who doesn’t hesitate to turn on the air conditioning in my room when it’s hot. Climate change is a large-scale phenomenon with an unimaginable scope, but there’s not much a person can do about it on an individual level. Even so, my actions as a single person have a definite effect on the environment. It may feel like something that’s out of your realm of responsibility, but it absolutely isn’t. I made the film while thinking about how to deal with that problem through the framework of entertainment.” 他同意人类因为自己方便破坏自然,但是在房间很热时,他自己也会毫不犹豫开冷气。 虽然气候变迁的规模大到一个人无法改变什麽,但个人的行为一定有影响。有些人 可能觉得这不是自己的责任。新海诚在制作天气之子时,同时思考如何回答这种问题。 Shinkai also addressed some of the criticisms he received about your name. Although he intended the film to have an empowering message that it is possible to change the future, some viewers interpreted it as a story where disaster is averted with no consequence. Shinkai deliberated on whether his next film should address those criticisms, but eventually decided on a direction that would “annoy your name.’s naysayers even more.” 你的名字中想传达改变未来的可能性,但有些人解读成灾难可以不花任何代价就避免。 原本考虑这次作品要不要回应他们,最後还是决定加入更多批评的人会觉得烦躁的情节。 “In Weathering With You, Hodaka and Hina are at the mercy of fate, but they decide how to live their own lives. I am sure that there are people who will not be satisfied by the choice they make. But that’s fine. I think it’s my role to start a conversation by creating a story without a correct answer. I firmly believe that’s the greatest gift I received from your name.” 天气之子的帆高和阳菜选择为自己活下去。他知道会让人不满意,但从你的名字中, 他学到没有正确答案的故事能带来更多讨论。 --
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