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1. Do not be racist; be like Mario. He's an Italian plumber, who was made by the Japanese, speaks English, looks like a Mexican, jumps like a black man, and grabs coins like a Jew! 2. Don't be racist; racism is a crime; and crime is for black people. 3. I was walking down the street and I punched of a white guy and then I was arrested for assault. The next day after I got out, I punched a black guy and I was arrested for impersonating a police officer. 3. Q: What do you call white people running down a hill? A: An avalanche. Q: What do you call Mexicans running down a hill? A: A mudslide. Q: What do you call black people running down a hill? A: A jail break. 4. Mexico doesn't win Olympic medals because all the best runners, jumpers, and swimmers are in America. 5. Q: What's the difference between a naked white woman and a naked black woman? A: One is on the cover of Playboy and the other is on the cover of National Geographic. 6. A guy decides to do something nice for his girlfriend before they leave on vacation so he gets her name tattooed on his penis. He comes home and shows it to her. She looks at it and says, "That's great, sweetie, but what is 'Wy'?" He tells her to rub it and as she does she sees it actually reads "Wendy." When they arrive at Montego Bay, the couple are walking along a nude beach and the boyfriend notices a black guy with "Wy" on his penis. He asks the man if he also has a girlfriend named Wendy. The black guy laughs and says, "Nah, mon, mine says 'Welcome to Jamaica have a nice day.'" --               / ̄ ̄ ̄ ㄟ |   |            /     ㄟ |    |               |   (> )( <) < XD  |             | /// (_人_) |    |            |    \__/ ! |    |             |      ㄟ \____| --
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1F:推 Neil000: 樓下噓沒中文 12/08 22:59

2F:→ ed78617: 明明就很好笑 12/08 23:00
3F:推 Neil000: 如果你不介意ㄉ話 我來翻看看好ㄌ 12/08 23:02
4F:推 NTUGinger: 最後一個白爛 12/09 00:48
5F:推 nwd4e9cd: 很好笑欸 12/09 00:49
6F:推 lisb5300: 笑死 最後一個 12/09 00:59
7F:推 c19911127: 最後一個也有中文版笑話啊XDD 12/09 01:14
8F:噓 sally4117678: 先推以防別人以為我看不懂 12/09 01:22
9F:推 TwinkyLee: 好少看英文笑話xdd推個 12/09 03:44
10F:推 greywagtail: 不錯 12/09 09:03
11F:推 tsutsu05: 最後一個XDDDDD 12/09 12:35
12F:推 jacob815123: 一看到馬力歐就笑了XDD 12/09 14:32
13F:推 siyow: Push. Reading jokes to learn English XD 12/09 16:24
14F:推 neil9830409: 笑死 12/09 17:18
15F:噓 yushes920179: 聽過 12/09 18:02
16F:推 tom282f3: 不錯好笑 我喜歡 12/09 18:07
17F:推 SeanBoog: 好賤XD 12/09 18:26
18F:→ tw88: 列車即將發車 請旅客趕緊上車 12/09 18:40
19F:推 AsheGnar: 最後一個好屌喔XDD 12/09 18:52
20F:推 Ericz7000: 媽的也太長XDDD 12/09 18:57
21F:推 slashliu: 都不錯 12/09 19:47
22F:推 iceyeman: 1、6不錯 有鋪梗好笑 12/09 19:51
23F:推 htclikeshit: 幹XDDDD 12/09 19:54
24F:推 coldlight07: 超好笑 12/09 20:08

25F:推 oneoneeight: 推2 是事實 12/09 21:09
26F:推 datt: 地獄推 12/09 21:19
27F:推 lycs0908: 4一開始不懂 想到偷渡就知道了 12/09 21:56
28F:推 yitingted: 最後一個是多長啦幹 12/09 22:00
29F:推 jyt499480514: 最後黑人說歡迎來牙買加是什麼意思 12/09 22:01
30F:推 s094155: 很長可以寫很多字的意思 12/09 22:08
31F:推 Parazicecum: 老二很長可以刺上很多字的意思 12/09 22:24
32F:推 Ekmund: 5超靠北... 12/10 02:02
33F:推 annysweetas: 美麥 12/10 02:39
34F:噓 qqburger: 2個3 沒人注意嗎= = 12/10 03:00
35F:推 Sha1377: 3有兩個字不懂 26煩死w 12/10 09:22
36F:推 MinionsBOB: 每個都有笑 12/10 11:24
37F:推 subwayvivi: 哈哈 最後一個好靠杯 12/10 14:42
38F:推 motokare: 有笑有推XD 12/10 20:54
39F:推 qq123456kk: 有笑 12/10 22:16
40F:推 zyxx: XD 12/10 23:21
41F:噓 nighthunt: why 12/11 01:10
42F:推 kevin910162: 1.2.5笑噴 12/11 01:45
43F:推 xgodtw: 3不錯 12/11 05:18
44F:→ xgodtw: 然後兩個3是三小? 12/11 05:19

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