Do you see Marks picking a player with our first-rounder this year, or shoul d we expect something similar to the Shamet trade? I also would be surprised if we use all three second-rounders. Does this change if we win the Finals? 你認為籃網GM今年會使用他們的首輪簽嗎,還是會再次進行一個類似Shamet這樣的交易 ,如果我們進入了總決賽,會影響球隊在這方面的決策嗎? This is a good question, Rick. For context, our draft expert Sam Vecenie pro jected North Carolina center Day’Ron Sharpe to the Nets with the No. 28 pic k in his most recent mock draft. You can look at this two ways. The Nets don ’t have a lot of first-round picks on the horizon because of the James Hard en trade and lack a lot of the young talent that originally put them in posi tion to assemble this super team. If there is a prospect on the board who th e Nets think can immediately contribute on a championship-caliber team, then you take him. A trade might be hard, especially if a team asks for a player such as Nic Claxton,Landry Shamet or Bruce Brown to be involved 這是一個好問題,選秀專家Sam Vecenie在近日的模擬選秀中預測,籃網會在首輪第28順 位選中來自北卡羅萊納州立大學的中鋒Day’Ron Sharpe。 你可以用兩個角度來看待這 個問題,因為哈登的交易,球隊並沒有剩下太多的首輪簽,其次,籃網現在缺乏足夠多 的年輕天賦來支撐這支超級球隊。 如果有這麼一位能夠立刻幫助到球隊的新秀,那麼你 就應該拿下他。 交易這個首輪簽是比較困難的,特別是當對方要求將Claxton、Shamet 或者Bruce Brown加入交易的時候 To me, the second-rounders question ties in a bit with your one about winnin g the Finals. The Nets have limited roster flexibility because of the big th ree and a few guys on the veteran minimum who are taking discounts for the c hance at a title. Does any combination of Blake Griffin,Tyler Johnson or Jef f Green move on for either more money or a bigger role if the Nets win the t itle? Or are they content in Brooklyn at their current price? If the Nets do have spots to fill, they will need guys on team-friendly deals who can outp erform their contracts. Those second-round picks may not be a bad place to s tart. Sam has the Nets taking Texas’ big Greg Brown 41st overall in that sa me mock draft. He’d be a great developmental project who can help them on t he boards. 我認為,籃網奪冠與否,更有可能影響的是他們在2輪籤上的選擇。 因為有三巨頭以及 幾名為了爭冠而自降身價的球員,籃網陣容的可操作空間很小。 如果籃網今年奪冠,G riffin、Tyler、Jeff Green等人會不會為了更多的錢或者更重要的角色而離開籃網呢? 如果籃網到時真的需要其他人來填補空缺,他們會需要那些低薪高效率的球員,善用第 二輪籤會是一個好的開始。 模擬選秀預測,籃網會在第41順位選中來自得克薩斯的大個 子Greg Brown,他的籃板能力應該能夠幫到球隊。 What are the cons and pros of the Nets dropping down to the three seed? 籃網掉到東區第三名有什麼好處和壞處? What do you think the Nets should look like in a first-round rotation assumi ng everyone is healthy? 假設在完全健康的情況下,球隊在季後賽首輪的輪換情況會是怎樣? Let’s start with the cons because they’re pretty significant. The Nets wou ld lose home-court advantage in the second round to the Bucks (assuming they advance), which makes an already difficult matchup even tougher. Milwaukee is a hard place to play, and the Bucks’ roster has enjoyed extensive time t ogether, something the Nets lack. The home-court advantage could be huge for either team given the stakes of the series, which poses a tougher path to t he Finals because the Nets would likely have to go through Milwaukee and Phi ladelphia instead of avoiding one of them. 我們先說說壞處,因為這一點確實很重要。 如果籃網闖進第二輪,面對公鹿時就會失去 主場優勢,這讓原本艱難的比賽變得更加困難。 在米爾瓦基打比賽可不容易,公鹿的隊 員大多數已在一起打了很長時間,這是籃網不具備的條件,因為籃網必須要面對米爾瓦 基還有費城,而不是避開其中一個,這使得他們進入總決賽的道路更加艱難。 To get into the possible rotations, if everyone is healthy and the matchup i s either Miami or Boston, here’s who I expect to play. 籃網在首輪的潛在對手是熱火或是塞爾提克,如果全員健康,我心裡的輪換陣容是這樣 的 Starters:Kevin Durant, Harden, Irving,Joe Harris and Griffin Reserves: Green, Claxton, Shamet, Johnson,DeAndre Jordan(maybe) 先發:KI、哈登、喬哈、KD、BG。 替補:姐夫綠、Claxton、Shamet、Tyler、DAJ(或許) Nash has cut the bench short lately, which tells me the guys playing now are most likely to see playoff minutes. Mike James isn’t currently under contr act through the playoffs and hasn’t played well lately. Green, Shamet and J ohnson will all get terrific looks from 3, especially when Harden is back. J ordan isn’t the one-stop solution to Bam Adebayo, Tristan Thompson or Rober t Williams, but he’s part of it, and Claxton’s switchability will be cruci al in every series. If the Nets have success playing small, Jordan might not play as much. Nash最近在縮減輪換人數,這讓我意識到,現在還能出現在場上的,季後賽應該也能獲 得出場機會。 Mike James的第二份十天合約還沒到期,球隊不一定會續約,而且他最近 打得也不好。 姐夫綠、Shamet和Tyler都能得到很好的三分機會,特別是哈登回歸之後 。 DAJ可能防不住Adebayo或是TT、Robert Williams等人,但他還是能起到一定的作用 ,而Claxton的換防能力在任何系列賽裡都是至關重要的,如果籃網能夠打好小球陣容, DAJ可能就不會有太多的出場機會。 Right now, how confident are you — let’s say a scale of 1 to 10 — the big three all sign extension at some point? 你認為三巨頭以後都會和球隊續約嗎,如果給你一個1-10的範圍,你的信心大概是落在 多少? I’m taking this question to mean 10 is certain and one is not happening. I’ m going to go with a 6.5. Irving is a local who grew up rooting for the orga nization and still has his family here. I’d be surprised if he plays for an other team in his career, but things change. To me, the biggest factors are how next season goes and what the NBA landscape looks like come decision tim e. Is everyone still getting along and content with their situation? Their b est bet to stay in contention would likely be to stick together, but maybe s omeone thinks there’s a better situation out there for them. 如果10是一定,1是不可能的話,我心中的數字是6.5。 KI兩年前已經把家搬到了紐約 ,如果他以後為另一支球隊效力,我會感到很詫異。 但情況是會變的。 對我來說,最 重要的因素是下個賽季的走向,以及聯盟的局勢會是什麼樣子。 每個人都對自己的處境 滿意嗎?他們保持競爭的最好辦法可能還是待在一起,但也許有人認為外面有更好的機會 等著他。 球迷問到了在輸掉了獨行俠的比賽裡,KD進行了過多的單打,但效果不是很好,如果在季 後賽的情況下,KD手感不好時,球隊會如何反應? Durant, Nash and Irving all said the offense got too stagnant against Dallas , which hurt Brooklyn down the stretch. I agree with Durant’s assessment th e most. It’s good that the Nets have a lot of players who feel confident ag ainst their matchup, but at some point you have to understand when it’s not working. This is another area that speaks to Harden’s absence. The guy kno ws how to run an offense. I don’t think an off night will bother Durant in the playoffs because he rarely has them, and he knows the stakes in the post season. KD、Nash、KI都在那場賽後表示,球隊的進攻停滯了,這在關鍵時刻傷害了球隊。 KD的 大多數單打我是覺得沒問題的,籃網有很多球員在面對防守時都很自信,這是好事,但 當有時候單打不靈,你就需要意識到這一點。 這時候我們又想念哈登了,他知道怎麼組 織進攻,我並不擔心KD在季後賽出現烙賽的情況,因為他很少出現這樣的情況,而且他 也知道季後賽有多麼重要。 But you do make a good point. The Nets are going into the postseason with a very small sample size of their three stars playing together, so there’s a lot of unknowns out there. The only adversity the big three have faced as a group were Collin Sexton’s performance to beat them in their first game tog ether and that wild game in Washington (which also resulted in a loss). Both of those were in January. It’s been a minute. As Nash has said, the Nets a re either going to have enough chemistry to make this work, or the lack ther eof will catch up with them at some point. 但你說的很有道理,籃網三巨頭一起出戰的比賽樣本量太少,所以存在著很多我們預料 不到的情況。 人們現在記得的三巨頭一起出戰的比賽就是,騎士的Sexton在比賽中擊敗 了他們,以及輸給巫了師的。 而這兩場比賽已經是1月份的事了,就像Nash說的,球隊 現在的化學反應不夠,只能通過接下來的比賽來趕上 --
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